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Hong Kong Loves Your Products

Dear Judi,

Sorry for not answering your email earlier. I was gone for a while and when I am on holiday I just cut myself from the world. Yes, I have now tried your products for nearly 2 months and I must admit they are wonderful.

Wonderful, because of the feeling they leave on your skin. I have an extremely sensitive skin which does not accept anything contrary to nature. Every time I use your product, my skin just savors it as it were a very delicate wine.

Wonderful, because of who I am. I have been brought up on a farm in France, always in touch with nature. I have been studying in the University of Hawaii where I learnt more how to communicate with the complicated, yet simple, forces of nature than from the books!!!!!

Wonderful as a whole, because when I look at myself I FEEL good and I LOOK good. I am 46 years old, ready to start a totally new life when I am 50!!! So you see, it is extremely important that I preserve the best I can what nature has given me.

The only problem I got is how to travel with those 'delicate' products. I think it would be nice if you could conceive a 'traveler's kit'. So you see Judi, your products are bound to meet all those people who have realized the 'mightiness' of respecting nature, no matter where they live, even in Hong Kong!!!

Keep on your good work!!!

Looking forward to hear more!


Monday, 21 December 1998

Dear Judi,

After using your Reborn skincare products I had to write a letter and express my great satisfaction. As a television commercial producer, I know only too well that most advertising is hype and most products do not deliver half of that they promise. I tried your products as I am a strong supporter of natural health care, the environment and animal protection. Your product promised organic oils with concern for the environment, no animal testing or products and great results. I was skeptical to say the least!

Imagine my surprise, only two weeks after using Reborn to find a beautiful new softness to my skin. It has been almost 6 months now and the difference in my skin is obvious to everyone - my husband, my friends and business associates. My skin has the elasticity of someone 10 years younger, my little wrinkles have all but disappeared and my skin has a wonderful healthy glow to it. I have always had healthy, young looking skin, but a 36 time was starting to catch up with me. Living in the southern California perpetual sunshine and taking up skiing didn't help either.

I thank you so very much for this fantastic skincare line and the time you have spent with me on the telephone and via email sorting out which products would be best for me. I am a believer an customer for life!

Best wishes,
Denise P.

REBORN®: Everyone who uses REBORN® feels radiant, looks radiant is radiant. You will not only see the difference but feel the difference; inside and out. REBORN® is 100% PURE and ACTIVE!

More great testimonials from 'REAL WOMEN'

We are in our thirties, forties, our fifties and some of us even in our seventies and the difference is miraculous. Check back to see more photos and more testimonials from women who look in the mirror and can smile because they see results from using REBORN®!

  • Thank you for creating a wonderful product. I have tried many cosmetic products over the years, but nothing has delivered results like Reborn.
  • I believe I mentioned to you that I am so smitten with REBORN, glycolic treatment serum and glycolic creme that I have given all of my other skin care products away! And believe me, as a 45 year old woman, who has been experimenting since my teens, there aren't many products available I haven't tried.
  • Working at 36,000 feet for 13 hours at a time the dry cabin air is hard on your skin. I must say that REBORN is the best of all. My skin stays moist all day long, the smile lines are much less noticeable and my skin is much softer after only a month of using REBORN. Marilyn W., Strousberg, PA.
  • The minute I opened the little brown bottle and got a whiff of what was inside, I knew I had found the real thing -- unlike a lot of the 'essential oils' that are marketed in a variety of stores. In my opinion, anyone who truly knows anything about the wonders of plant essences will be dedicated to your products from the minute they touch their skin. Pam W., Indianapolis, IN.
  • I am very pleased with the product REBORN -- actually the only product that really does seem to penetrate and is making a difference even at my seventy plus years of age. Louise C., Lakewood, N.J.

Janie C., a 48 year old married mother of three. "REBORN keeps me looking younger with each passing year!"

Denise P. works and plays in So. California. 'At 36 time was starting to catch up with me. Since I started using Reborn my skin has a wonderful healthy glow!'

Dear Judi,

(Photo not available: Christie S.)


Check out http://www.rebornangel.com/ there is a product called Reborn Skin Renewer I believe. It has tons of wonderful healing essential oils in it. I received some as a trade and use it every night on my face and my old rotator cuff scar. My scar is fading and my skin is so soft and smooth now. I have only been using it 2 weeks and I can really tell a difference. The lines around my eyes are getting better each day. You only use 5-6 drops for your whole face and neck, so a little goes a long way. I have also used it on my VERY dry lips and I am a great believer in it for this if nothing else. I used to have really dry, flaking lips and now they are nice and smooth. Now I can wear lipstick again! Check it out. I'm just a happy customer and want to spread the good news!

Thank you,
Christie S

Dear Judi,

(Photo not available: Debra Winthrop Pollack)

I just had to write to you because never in my life have I been so satisfied with mail order products. I am surprised that I even bought Reborn after reading your ad in the Sunday NY Times Magazine Section, because I like to sample things in-person prior to buying them. But my conversation with you convinced me of your expertise and of the quality and efficacy of the product. Boy, am I glad I found you and Reborn. I was truly tired of buying hundreds of dollars of "stuff" that simply smelled good, but didn't really "do anything".

Reborn is different, no revolutionary. It has none of the frills of fancy fragrance and packaging, and all of the purity, and strength of expensive natural ingredients in concentrated amounts, so that you are actually reversing the ravages of time and sun damage. My skin feels smooth and supple. It doesn't have that sallow "dead" look that it used to have.

I take vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the inside of my body, to keep it healthy and to avoid "free radicals", why shouldn't the same principle hold true for my skin-my body's "largest organ"? Your ingredient not only cause a visible improvement in the look and texture of the skin; you can actually feel that they are working. The Reborn experience is truly more potent than anything I've ever felt on my skin, whether administered in a day spa or by a doctor. Your glycolic acid is as strong as that in a treatment by a dermatologist-and one treatment at the dermatologist costs $150.00. Your products provide many treatments at a fraction of the costs!

What can I say? As you know, I too became a mother later in life. My son is eight and my twin daughters are just five. I am 47 years old, and when I attend school functions with parents of children who are my kids contemporaries, I am often with people at least 15-20 years my junior. They have absolutely no idea that I could probably be their biological mother, and a grandmother to those in the Kindergarten class. If I keep using Reborn, I am sure that I will continue to fool these people for years to come!

Thanks for your products and your friendship.

Debra Winthrop Pollack

Dear Judi,

I'm so very glad I found your face-saving products! I had old looking skin for a young age of 32 and after using your products for just 3 months I noticed a softer look, less wrinkles, less blotchiness to my skin, and I just feel so much better about myself. Judi, my skin feels so good now!

People tell me my skin has a glow and I know it's coming from your fabulous REBORN Skin Renewer. My friend Moira, who didn't know I had started using new products mentioned my skin looked good and this was after my first application!

Here are some before and after photos of me. I took them myself and I'm afraid they don't show the vast improvement I and my friends and family have noticed, but I think you can see some of the changes and I hope you'll share these with others!

I absolutely love this stuff! Hurray! Thanks so much for developing safe products that work!

Melissa Bishop

Dear Judi, I wanted to write you and tell you how great my skin is looking after just using your products for three months! I can't wait to see how my skin looks after six months!

I am 43 years old and have had problems with blotchiness, dark circles and acne since I had my children 16 years ago. In the past couple of years I have especially noticed more and more blotchiness and acne scarring. I have tried so many different products but with minimal results. Now that I have been using your products I have seen some wonderful differences in my skin. The dark circles under my eyes have faded a lot and the redness in my nose and chin area is diminished. The blotchiness is gone!

I really love the REBORN SPF 15 daytime cream. My foundation applies wonderfully over it and it has helped tremendously with my dry cheeks and fine lines around my eyes.

Your Glycolic Cream has also help with the blotchiness and the Vitamin C Cream has helped fade the dark circles under my eyes! I am sending along some pictures so you can see the before and after results!

Thanks again for your all your wonderful advice and products.


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