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July 25, 2000

Dear Judi,

I have used your Reborn for the last two years, after seeing your ad in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, I can't thank you enough. My skin immediately took to the product, without any adverse reactions, something I can't say about several leading cosmetic manufacturers.

Having modeled for many years, my appearance has always been important to me, whether modeling, teaching or being a mother, my greatest accomplishment. I believe, if you are lucky enough to inherit good genes, staying out of the sun, don't smoke and take good care of your skin, it will take good care of you for many years to come. Your products make this a reality for me and those not as careful with their skin. I can state this, as my sister Karen, 6 years younger then myself is a Reborn convert and her skin has improved after years of sun abuse and smoking. People still ask who is the oldest and I have 5 other sisters all younger!

I now use several of your other products, C25 cream, the best available to the public, the glycolic treatment, beta hydroxyl fix stick and your olive oil soap. I am impressed with them all, especially since they are all natural. You are a true master, continuing to seek the finest ingredients for your products. Your dedication to providing these excellent products should be applauded!

I am enclosing several pictures of my daughter Victoria, 27 years old and myself. I can't tell you how often we are mistaken for sisters. Victoria also uses your products (the Los Angeles air is enough to wreck havoc on one's skin) she has seen first hand the results.

When people ask how I keep my skin so soft and wrinkle free, I have to say "Reborn". Thank you again for the Best products I have ever used, the results are definitely apparent.

Very truly yours,
Teann Scoggins

September 21, 1999

Hi Judi,

I love the outdoors, am athletic, and have generally spent 3-4 hours in the sun a day here in sunny Alabama.

I have been using Reborn now for 3 months for facial skin care. My skin has repaired itself through the use of Reborn from the Retin-A damage that I got a year ago in August 1998. During the past year, I have tried numerous internal and external potions to correct the damage done by Retin-A. The physician failed to tell me NOT to use Retin-A underneath my eyes. I used it there and woke up one morning with huge wrinkles under each eye that looked like a horror movie. At that point, I of course, quit using Retin-A, but the damage had already occurred. My skin was dried out, paper thin with broken capillaries and 2 bulging veins. I started internal nutrients and external potions all the way from Italy. I tried a variety of things, but none helped me much. Since I have a B.S. in Chemistry and a B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering, I have several friends who are PH.D.'s in Chemistry. We researched ingredients in numerous potions and could never find anything to help heal my skin. Finally, I found Reborn on the Internet and have used it for 3 months. I could tell a positive difference within 2 weeks of usage, and now I am really convinced that Reborn is the best skin care available.

Thanks for your great Skin Care, Judi! I highly recommend Reborn!

Diane S. - Huntsville, AL.

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August 19, 1999
Dear Judi,

It's been almost a year that I have been using your Reborn Skin Renewer and the glycolic serum and creams. They are truly wonderful products, and as I told you last year, since I have my own essential oils business and have been a professional in the field for more than 20 years, I find your reborn products superior to anything out there in the skin care market.

Not only am I using your products successfully, but I am continuing to recommend them to others. They are remarkable and Judi, they definitely work!

Patricia K.

February 14, 1999

Dear Judi:

Well, it's been approximately one year since I started using your fabulous REBORN and in honor of the occasion I enclose a photo of me and my sister (she is 40 years young and also a REBORN fan) which was taken last November on my 46th birthday. I think you'll agree that both of us could very convincingly lie about our age, but why bother when your products keep us looking so young? People assume we are both much younger than we actually are, and thanks to your wonderful products I hope that we will continue to keep them guessing.

By the way, your REBORN spf-15 AND Ultra Plus C-25 Serum are the finest facial treatments (barring REBORN) that I have ever experienced. The Serum is especially effective in refining and enhancing the texture of my complexion - like REBORN, they are now permanent staples in my beauty regime. Prior to trying them, I thought your products couldn't get any better, but I'm happy to report that you have successfully proven me wrong.

Judi, please accept my very best wishes for your continuing success, and consider me your loyal customer for life!

Linda P.

Dear Judi,

I've been using your terrific REBORN products for more than 3.5 years now and what I find most amazing is that I'm now 46 years of age and I look ten years younger than that!

When I first began using Reborn Skin Renewer my skin was dry and dull and had premature wrinkles. Within a month I saw wonderful improvement and soon all the lines were gone.

I love the Skin Renewer, your C-25 serum, your wonderful glycolic treatment cream, and I never had any success all those years I bought the junk from department store counters. Your products really deliver what they promise!

Thank you for your endeavors to create a clean, simple and practical method of retaining healthy, youthful skin.

Toni Dey,
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, Georgia