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-- From sometimes' too' snowy' Boston

January 4, 2014

Happy New Year, Judi!

It's been a zoo here, so I apologize for the delay in responding. I've attached an updated testimonial letter. Hope all's well with you. I don't sign on much these days, but will try to more often. Still love using REBORN!

Take care & hugs,

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From a savvy mother of four, a graduate of Stanford, and a long-standing client of REBORN Holistic Skin Care products.

Jan 3, 2015

Dear Judi,

You will recall that l first ordered REBORN Skin Renewer back in 2001 when the first signs of aging showed up on my 36 year old face! I will never forget my mother in law looking at me in the heat of the Arizona sun in 2001 and saying to me 'What in the world do you do to your skin to get it to look so beautiful!?" She actually did not believe me when I told her I only use REBORN! Well, that certainly sold me on Reborn! I used it faithfully for years after.

I have gone through periods of time in the past 12 years of not keeping up with REBORN and I notice the difference. Most recently, in my 47th year I neglected to use REBORN and really noticed how the wrinkles and the parched skin showed up in spades! l just celebrated my 48th birthday and to celebrate ordered REBORN- the package arrived and I rippd into it and put my REBORN on not just my face, but my neck, arms and hands- all of which see too much sun daily! Relief!

In just 3 days my skin is back to its former glowing glory. Right in keeping with using REBORN, this morning a young lady at the hair salon said 'wow, you know your skin is really pretty!"- I don't wear foundation and I only wear mascara and lip gloss so what you see is what you get! I was shocked. Nobody has commented on my skin in a year, and bingo- REBORN rehydrates, replenishes and repairs my skin immediately.

I am now applying REBORN nightly to my hands and lower arms which seem more damaged than I would like. I use your olive oil soap and your gylcolic lotion also and love them. As you know, it's important to me that the ingredients going on my face are trustworthy- absent of parabens, fillers and chemicals and not full of unnecessary water or alcohol. REBORN is the REAL DEAL! lt is food for the skin, it really works, it feels great, I love using it and am rededicatd to daily use well into my 50's and beyond! Honestly, there is no need for foundation while using REBORN!

I can't thank you enough for doing the research and for providing such a high quality product that makes a real difference in skin health. It's not just a wrinkle fighter, I can feel it really nourishing and hydrating my skin wherever I apply it. It's the best product I have found in over a decade. THANK YOU!!!-
with appreciation, Megan Penhoet, Berkeley, CA age 48


August 14, 2013

Dear Judi,

   I've been meaning to write to you for ages about your Reborn product but time has slipped by.  Finally, after trying another commercial product for my face that cost me   hundreds of dollars and couldn’t compare to what your product does, I said to myself that I have to get this letter out to you.

   To be succinct, your REBORN Skin Renewer is so superior to anything else on the market that I swear I will never be without it again! I’ve probably tried hundreds of other commercial products and I always come back to Reborn ( and then ask myself why I even bothered to stop using it in the first place! But we're always chasing "youth miracles" it seems ) I find also that as my skin "matures”, less seems to be more and I do believe that the quality of the ingredients in Reborn not only keep my skin looking luminous and youthful, but they keep my skin healthy!

   Let's face it ( no pun intended ), without healthful ingredients in our skin product, we're just putting more poison into our system and so many of the commercial products on the market these days do NOT contain healthy ingredients!

   SO - thank you for your wonderful, healthy and PURE product!!! PLEASE never change it!

The synergy of the ingredients seem perfect and why mess with perfection?

I will use REBORN forever! 

Sharon Intilli

July 27, 2013

Judi McMahon,
It has been a few years since I last wrote to you about your wonderful products. I am now 59 years old and still reaping the rewards of using Reborn. Since I live in Hawaii it is really important to take care of my skin. It is hot, windy and dry where I live which can dry out your skin and make you look old.

I recently visited my hometown on the mainland and threw a barbecue for my friends that I had not seen in 15 years. They were all commenting about how amazing I looked. I had one person say "you have aged really well".

I bought the eye nourishing cream for my 32 year old niece. She said she could see a difference overnight. It's great for any age.

I highly recommend your products to anyone. They are organic, fresh and smell wonderful. Thank you for creating such fantastic products that really work.

Patty Stephanidis

Nov 4, 2012


Thank you for responding to my email so quickly. I first used your skin care items about 12 years and it left such a positive impression on me that I have kept your brochures just in case I wanted to return using your products.

Do you think it is overkill to use a scrub if one is already using glycolic serum or cream and the pro gel?

I am amazed that your prices have hardly changed within the past 10 years.

I look forward to using your products again to help my 45 year old skin remain looking young.

Thank you
Nguyet Howard



Feb 17, 2012


Dear Judi,

I have had rosacea for close to 30 years. I’ve been prescribed different medicines for this condition; for the most part they have not worked. A few years ago I found Reborn skin renewer on the internet. Since using this product my rosacea outbreaks have decreased significantly. Only when I am under a great amount of stress do I have an outbreak, which is rare.

Not only does Reborn help my rosacea but helps to moisturize my skin. I love the results and would recommend reborn to anyone with rosacea or dry skin.


Sally Zundel,
Fairbanks, Alaska



July 26, 2011


Dear Judi,

Thank you so much for your wonderful products.  I’ve been using them for many, many years and am sending a picture of my sons Chris and Adam with me in the middle.  As you can see my skin looks good and I love how ‘REBORN” makes my skin feel and use the Skin Renewer every single day!!

I’m already on your website with my son Adam when he was 13 years old and now he is 21 years of age.

Wow, time passes too soon.  Anyway, I love your products.

Very sincerely yours,
Theresa Cherry



June 2, 2011

Dear Judi,
I just wanted to thank you for making Reborn and all the other products in your natural skin care line. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am very aware of the harmful chemicals often used in the cosmetics/beauty industry and which can even be found in some "natural" skin care products in health food stores. I was very pleased to find out about your products as they are of exceptional quality, especially the Reborn Skin Renewer. I am certain that it has kept my skin looking youthful and radiant since I first stated using your products almost 10 years ago. In fact, I am often complimented on my skin and how youthful I look.

Thanks again for your fabulous products and for keeping me looking and feeling beautiful!

Dr. Gabriella Chow, B.Sc,. N.D.


November 16, 2010

Dear Judi,

We’ve been together a long time, haven’t we? Ever since I responded to your New York Times ad to purchase an ounce of Reborn I have been the lucky recipient of noticeably more elastic, younger skin. As professor of Theatre in the California State University System, naturally, fresh is important.

Recently I had to spend a week without Reborn and the shock of reality was overwhelming! Luckily my order arrived just when I was about to give up hope and resign myself to my wrinkles.

As living proof of the veracity of your claims, I’m sending you an unretouched picture. Don’t ever give up on Reborn! My skin can’t live without it!


Leigh Kennicott



November 4, 2010

Dear Judi,

I am partial to holistic skin care products and I adore your "Reborn Skin Renewer" I have used Reborn since 1997 and I treasure how my skin looks and feels with its use. I began using Reborn Skin Renewer in 1997 when I was 31 years old, and now at age 44 your product has kept me looking so so much younger!

Mother's Day 2010, I faced that dreaded question of "What do I get Mom"? I was searching for a special gift with meaning. I decided to share my favorite product Reborn. Mom loved it.

I appreciate the fact that Mom and I now share this special connection, we both cherish out Reborn.
On October 22, I sent Mom a new bottle of Reborn for her birthday. A new tradition has begun and what a great gift to share. Mom looks great.

I just don't know what took me so long to think of this great gift idea.

Thanks for keeping us all looking young and beautiful.

Best Regards
Lisa Baptiste Wachob



October 7, 2010

Dear Judi,

I cannot believe it has been so many years that I have been using and benefitting from your incredible products, especially your REBORN SKIN RENEWER!!!

I first read your ads in the NY Times Sunday Magazine in 1994 and began ordering from you then. You lived in Manhattan and I lived in Connecticut. Both myself and my sister, Candace, who lives in Colorado began using your products then.

Judi -- REBORN Skin Renewer really works. It has removed the fine lines, it does help my elasticity! I couldn't live without it!!!! I began using it at age 42 and truly, in all these sixteen years it has really kept my skin from premature aging.

It's truly unique!!!!!

Your customer (and after all this time, friend!)



January 27, 2010

Dear Judi,

Thank you for introducing me to your Reborn product to help with my eczema that had recently appeared on my face. After the first night of using your product, the area started peeling and within 3-4 days the redness went away and my face showed no sign of the eczema ever being there. My skin is smooth and back to normal again, thank you so much!

Katie Cirni, L.M.T.
Licensed Massage Therapist



September 24, 2009


I'm a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Health Coach for Take Shape for Life with my own family practice in Upstate N.Y. I help people with weight loss, empowering them to find health and wellness in their lives, identifying food triggers, and incorporating the habits of health into their life, as well as other health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, joint diseases and women’s health.

I've been using Judi's REBORN holistic skin care products for about 10 years now. I was introduced to them by my sister, Sharon, who also uses Judi’s fabulous products, as does one other sister. It’s very important to me to use all natural and organic products on my skin.

What I like especially about Judi's REBORN products is how pure they are. Her REBORN Skin Renewer is completely organic and it works. I also like the Anti-Aging cream especially in the new pump bottle, and I just love the Botanical Bio-Peptide cream, as well as her brand new Amino Peptide Lift.

I am very sensitive to many products but I can use Judi’s products without any reactions or watery eyes, which usually happens if I use other products. I have absolutely noticed the lines vanish around my eyes, in my cheeks and also on my forehead! People actually compliment me on my skin now, and that never used to happen! I’m 54 years old and have been told I look late 30’s to early 40! I owe this to Judi’s wonderful, effective, organic products. I am a life-time fan! Thank you Judi.

Kindest regards,

Theresa Intilli Klausner, MS, FNP-BC

Doctoral Student at George Washington University DNP Program



Sept. 15, 2009

Dear Judi,
I've been meaning to write to you for quite some time to tell you how truly glad I am that you make such fantastic holistic skin care products.

As you know, I first began using REBORN products in about 1995 after reading an ad in a health magazine.

My skin responded immediately to the REBORN Skin Renewer, which is actually my favorite product, reducing fine lines and actually doing what it promised, adding back elasticity.

I also love your Botanical Peptide Creme, Face Firming Complex, and especially Reborn SPF 15 All-Day Moisturizer. By the way, I love your brand new product, the Amino Peptide Lift! As per your instructions, the products are used alternately except for the REBORN Skin Renewer, the Moisturizer and the Face Firming Complex which I use daily.

Unfortunately, as happens in many of our lives, after using your wonderfuly REBORN for six (6) years, I went through some personal changes and stopped ordering,

But HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! I looked you up on the Internet and have been using all your wonderful REBORN holistic products for the past three (3) months and wow, what a remarkable difference!! Thanks, Judi, also for the good advice on safe shampoos, etc. My dry skin and scalp are reflecting years of youth and vibrancy. You really are amazing and quite an expert.

I will never stop using REBORN again!!

Toni L. Waters



July 2008

Hi Judi,
I am now 53 y/o and have been using your fabulous products for over 2 years now. The change in my skin had been remarkable. My old acne scars are barely noticeable any longer! I think my skin looks better now than it ever did and people are always telling me what great skin I have and that I look at least 10 years younger than my actual age, which is amazing to me because I have never heard these things before!
The bank teller just today asked me if I was with my sister the other day when I went to the bank and I had been with my 20 year old daughter! I thanked her profusely.
What I contribute to my success is your anti-aging cream - I just adore it! I especially, absolutely LOVE the new pump - it is just fabulous and I look forward to applying it every evening at bedtime. I love the smell of it and the texture is wonderful. The pump is wonderful, each pump is just enough, so little goes such a long way, it's absolutely worth every penny. And it doesn't oxidize in the pump either - stays nice and fresh~ What it has done to my skin is remarkable, better texture, lessened wrinkles and fine lines, firming and even my "tone", my coloring is better, healthier!

I see up to 15 patients a day in my family practice and so many of them have commented on my skin and how wonderful I look - I just love the product and can't say enough about it! Keep up the fabulous work - I will remain a life long customer - thank you so much for offering such top-notch products because I never thought, ever, that my acne-scared skin would ever look good enough to get compliments!

Take Care.
Warmest regards,
Terri Klausner, MS, FNP-BC
Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified




(Eliane is still using our products in 2006!)

From: Eliane Florentin
To: Judi McMahon
Sent: 5/21/2003 3:52:37 AM
Subject: faithful user for 4 years.


I just want to share with anyone interested in buying Reborn's products not to hesitate. I am French and I live in Hong Kong. I have been involved in alternative medicine for more than 12 years looking for natural products. I am a strong believer in the power of nature and what happened recently with SARS, it proves me right. Don't meddle with nature, accept her the way she is. This is what I like with Judi's Reborn products. They are natural, they blend the goodness of nature to keep our natural force going. As a French woman (who are quite famous in being demanding in terms of "beauty products"), living in a city which is not only polluted but extremely stressful, I have managed pretty well in keeping my natural healthy glow, looking much younger than my age (50 next year).
To whoever wants to invest in Judi's products, I will say "DON'T HESITATE, GO AHEAD!!



Dear Judi

I have been using your products for almost 2 years now, and all I can say is, REBORN ROCKS!!!

I am a 38-year-old actor/writer, I work full-time as a web producer for a major cable network, and no one who meets me even thinks I'm 30! In my chosen profession, a youthful appearance is everything - and although I think I take very good care of myself (nutritionally, and lots of working out), I have noticed what a great effect the Reborn Renewer and Moisturizer has had on my skin. And since I added in the C-25 cream, I think my complexion (which is very uneven) looks smoother and even healthier. Thank you for your great products and for all your good advice as well. We will be together for a very long time!

After using Reborn's new Anti-Aging Cream Mike reports:
"Your Anti-Aging Cream is amazing!"

Michael Villane

September 1999
Dear Judi,

Although I make my living using words on the "Bob Grant Show"(WOR Radio 710 AM- NYC), I cannot find the words to tell you how impressed I am with your miraculous Reborn skin care products. I have been getting compliments from people who say, "Gee Bob, you look great. What are you doing?" I can't thank you enough for developing these great products.

Looking Younger,
Bob Grant



From a REBORN long-time user, who lives in Europe, travels to Africa and works for the World Health Organization, this positive letter about REBORN products:

Thursday, March 25, 2004 4:22 AM

Dear Judi

Thanks very much I'm running now quite low so I really appreciate it

Also to let you know that my skin is really improving (yes, getting better) with these products not just withstanding the test of time. Seriously, I have a fantastic smooth, even and clear complexion with a lovely glow - which means no make up only tinted moisturiser!!

I love these products. Well done

Chris Brown



May 12, 2003

Dearest Judi,

My name is Theresa Cherry and I have been using your product for 4 ½ years. I love how great my skin looks and feels. I used to tan alot and using your wonderful Reborn and glycolic cream on my face, chest and neck has kept my skin looking as good as it did 10 years ago. Thank you Judi! Thank you! Thank you! I also use your Reborn SPF 15 and I love it. Your Vitamin C. cream helps with dark circles and also my pores. I'm sending 2 photos, one from my son's birthday, Feb 8, 2003, and one from 10 years ago with a friend. My skin looks and feels as great as it did 10 years ago thanks to your amazing products. Thank you so much. I appreciate you and all your talent.

Most Grateful,
Theresa Cherry