Meet Judi


Judi McMahon is the well-known author of many self-improvement books, including:

  • Look Super For Less
  • A Year of Beauty and Exercise for the Pregnant Woman
  • A Man's Guide to Plastic Surgery

AUTHOR, Columnist & Editor of beauty magazines:

  • Redbook
  • Woman’s Day
  • L’Officiel
  • Good Looks Magazine



She began a practical course of study in aesthetics and aromatherapy. After completing a 600 hour course at Christine Valmy Skin Care and taking two years of courses in aromatherapy, Judi McMahon became a Certified Aesthetician, licensed in the State of New York and opened her own skin care clinic in 1990 in Manhattan. Within months, New York Magazine had visited and gave Judi rave reviews in their Best Bets Column [“Judi McMahon’s holistic facials are wonderful...”] and her reputation as a hands-on skin care expert began to gain glowing reports all over New York.

Judi saw the need for improving upon the water-ridden commercial creams and lotions promoted by companies for skin care. She researched and developed her own holistic moisturizer, REBORN®, a totally revolutionary product that is 100% organic and pure. In fact, when Judi applied for a patent, making claims in the application that REBORN® could repair damaged tissue, the U.S. Patent Office, after testing her claims, approved the product.

Soon Judi McMahon expanded to advertise REBORN® nationally and today has a growing direct mail business as well as continuing to write about beauty and skin care in her monthly “BEAUTY SCOPE” column. "Want Some Advice?"

To see other books written by Judi McMahon, visit, where two of her latest are listed. Titles are: IF THEY ASK ME I COULD WRITE A BOOK, and LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG AND RIGHT PLACES.

Judi and Valentina when they first moved to Tucson

Judi with her daughter in 2003

Judi 7 years later in 2010 - YES!!! Reborn really works!

May 2010


My name is Judi McMahon, I’m 55* years of age, yet my skin has no lines or creases. That’s because I use REBORN®, the magical moisturizer made of 100% active organic ingredients that repair damaged tissue and renew elasticity

REBORN® was researched and developed by me. My Qualifications? I’ve published 8 books on beauty, I'm a Certified Aesthetician and perhaps most important of all, an adoptive mother of a girl. So, I really don’t want wrinkles! Lucky me, REBORN® really works! Lucky you! Results are guaranteed.

*Judi McMahon, having celebrated an important birthday on October 9th, has decided to remain 55 forever. (Even though her skin looks like she's 35!)