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Pro-Gel is a professional glycolic and lactic acid gel that is usually used in dermatologist's offices and by certified aestheticians to give a client a "fruit acid peel" (or sometimes just referred to as a "chemical peel).

You would pay from $125 to $150 in a doctor's office, and the type used would be non-buffered, which means it would only stay on a few minutes (it's more "cost-effective" for the doctor that way) and you would pay at least $50-75 for an aesthetician to give you a fruit acid peel and she would probably apply it for only 10 minutes.



First: using a Q-tip applicator, gently apply to clean face and neck area and leave on at least 20 minutes or until it dries.(If you have sensitive skin, this should be enough. If you have oily/problem skin or scarring areas, you may have to leave the solution on at least 30 minutes. Test a small spot first, preferably on a non-sensitive area like your chin.)

Second: rub in non-sensitive areas like forehead, chin, sides of cheeks to remove debris, and some of the dead skin.

Third: with tepid water and NO soap, wash your face with hands only (no wash cloth) at least until your face and neck are squeaky clean.


You may repeat this once weekly all over face and neck and/or apply it only on fine lines around delicate eye area (crow s feet) or somewhere that you have a scar, deeper lines or pock mock area more often.

Judi McMahon's personal experience:

I have used this professional glycolic acid solution for more than 10 years, with excellent results. I used to do it regularly, as often as once weekly, but now only give myself a fruit acid peel (as it is commonly called) about once a month. For best results, I have kept it on as long as an hour then I rinse off all over and get a squeaky clean look, have deep pore cleansed my face and best of all, have removed the fine lines and stimulated collagen growth!

But if you don't follow it with my all natural REBORN Skin Renewer, you won't get as good results! Because this 100% organic/pure/natural product will heal any redness (*if you use the pro gel to rid your face of fine lines, you may have to apply it often enough to achieve some redness, even a gentle burn, but when the skin peels, underneath you will have baby new skin. ) THE WAY TO KEEP THE SKIN NEW IS TO APPLY REBORN SKIN RENEWER.