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Tea Tree Oil Soap


Tea Tree Oil Soap
  • Recommended for problem skin, and oily conditions.
  • Has a natural antibacterial effect
  • 100% olive oil base, so it won't dry out your skin.

    All soaps offered by Judi McMahon are hand made and hand crafted of the finest olive oils. Because they are made without chemicals they are wonderful for every type of skin, including sensitive and problem skin. All our soaps are beautiful in appearance, in a heart-shaped REBORN shape. Ideal for gift-giving too! Any minor imperfections in how the soap looks is your assurance of a quality, hand-made product.

* On any orders for more than two soaps, kindly add additional shipping charges of $1.00 per bar of soap. Soaps weigh a good deal, the post office charges accordingly -- and in order for us to provide this service, we need to charge more s/h charges. Thanks for your understanding.