Please note:

To take advantage of this or any of our wonderful discount offers, you need to do this via check or money order. We can't afford to offer these great savings and also pay commissions to Paypal. We hope you understand.

When ordering be sure to choose either "money order" or "check" as your choice of payment method. During the checkout process this will be on the 3rd screen, labeled "Payment Options"

  • Screen #1 = Total of your order, where you choose your location to calculate shipping charges.
  • Screen #2 = Where you enter your billing information
  • Screen #3 = A summation of your order, billing info you just enter on previous screen and where you'll choose payment method - PRINT THIS SCREEN IF PAYING BY MONEY ORDER OR CHECK
  • Screen #4 = Depending on your payment choice you are either redirected to Paypal, or a screen with mailing our address.