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REBORNŽ Skin Renewer - 1 oz


REBORNŽ Skin Renewer - 1 oz
REBORNŽ Skin Renewer - 1 oz

REBORN Skin Renewer makes every skin that it touches simply LUMINOUS.

  • Men, women of all ages report that after using this unique all-natural moisturizer, friends comment on the luminosity of their skin.
  • Everything in it has something to do with repairing damaged tissue and renewing your skin’s elasticity.
  • "REBORN" will not only stave off any new lines from forming, but daily use ensures a new and younger you!!
  • This genuine and authentic extract of essential oils cannot be compared to synthetic oils found in chain shops like The Body Shop, nor even the weaker, adulterated essential oils often sold in health foods shops.
  • A little bit goes a long way!!! It's highly concentrated and very potent.
  • 100% natural/organic/active, the only moisturizer in the world that contains 10 essential oils that are NOT oily
  • Repairs damaged tissue and renews the skin's elasticity.
  • The longer you use it, the stronger your skin becomes!!

Over 40 and/or have damaged skin from sun, smoking..etc. REBORN should be applied twice a day.
A.M.- Use just 5 drops. Pat 1 around each eye, carefully spreading to the corners of eye. Pat 1 on upper lip line, smooth it down both sides of the mouth into the frown/nasal/labial lines. Pat 2 drops on your neck, gently smoothing it up and down. Allow 10 to 30 minutes for total absorption.

Under 40, have fairly good skin and want to protect it, use REBORN once a day.

Ingredients:An incredible combination of 10 different essential oils extracted from the flowers, leaves and seeds of rare unadulterated substances grown on organic farms around the world. "REBORN" is the real thing -made from extremely precious essential oils, like Neroli - it takes 60 bushels of bitter orange blossoms to make up a thimble full of this essence that relieves dry skin!!! Similarly, rosehip seed oil must be refrigerated until blended with the other rare essences of this formula - so you should reap real rewards from using "REBORN", and if you need it, it is custom mixed to meet the special needs of each individual's skin