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Dear Judi;

The area around my eyes is dry, I am a man. Can you help? LM


Dear LM,

What is elderly? I am 63 and am young. If you are in your 70's or beyond, you can still get help.

Here is what I recommend:
1. Wash with only 100% vegetable oil or olive oil soap (this keeps from
irritating/drying your skin. I have many to choose from; see my website, etc.
2. Order the glycolic treatment cream and use it once or twice daily around your eyes, as well as once daily all over your face and neck.
3. Order the REBORN Skin Renewer and use this at least twice a day around your eyes; this has to be done carefully so you don't get it on your lashes or glasses if you wear them.

The soap costs $5 to $7 depending on the flavor/type you want.

The Glycolic Treatment Cream which will last 3-4 months costs $45 and will smooth out fine lines, soften the skin and stimulate the cells to turn over faster. (As we age, everything slows down; glycolic acid can speed up the cells once again.)

The REBORN moisturizer, which I developed and make myself and is sweet smelling, can also be made with a spearmint top note for men. It is 11 different essential oil extracts from organic farms around the world and everything in it has something to do with REPAIRING DAMAGED TISSUE and RENEWING ELASTICITY.

Thus if you faithfully use it under and around your eyes, etc. (it comes with 3 pages of instructions) at least once daily, you should see a diminishment of lines within 2 or 3 weeks to a couple of months if they are very deep.And of course, in the future, stay out of the sun without an SPF sunblock, and if you smoke, that's also a no-no.

You can order from my website.

Best wishes,

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