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Glycolic Creams

Dear Judi;

Could you please explain what glycolic treatment creams do? BL

First, glycolic treatment cream will exfoliate dead cells and is good to smooth out the skin and soften it. As long as you don't break out in a rash you are not allergic, and all the sample is telling you is that you have definite patches of dehydrated skin that need such treatment, at least once a day.

So, yes, I would order the glycolic treatment cream and use it once a day. As to the soaps, all of the soaps I carry or recommend are 100% vegetable oil and you might start with the Rainbow Golden Moisture Bar which is definitely gentle and only costs $5.00. But if you also want another, and you can wash all your face and body the the Rainbow soap, and then use the second soap at the end of the day, I would recommend either the citrus aloe $6 or vanilla almond, $7; both are large chunks, hand cut, hand made and dried out so that by the time they are sent to me they have a longer shower/face life; that is they are well aged and don't soften easily.The choices are up to you.

You can order on my website if you like; the charge order is secure.

Best wishes,

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