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Daily Skin Care

AM regime: all you would need is to apply a bit of REBORN Skin Renewer, 5 drops in the morning, and go! (Of course, if you're concerned about the environment, premature aging, etc. I have already recommended your first using a topical vitamin C product, and told you I have three different types:Vitamin C-Plex Serum, 19% in a cream base. Vitamin C-20, 20% in a water base. C-Face Intensive 25, again in a water base, but non-irritating. In fact, none of my products irritate, but do work! You would apply a Vitamin C in the morning on a clean face, allow 5 minutes for it to absorb and follow with the REBORN.

As to your PM regime; the Lancaster's oxygen moisturizer is probably more garbage and is probably also 90% water if water is the first ingredient. One doesn't capture oxygen in this fashion! Then your 24% vitamin C night cream; tell me who is this by, is it certifiedm 24% vitamin c and in what form? Make sure it contains no mineral oil, animal fat, etc. I would have to have a list of ingredients to give you an educated opinion if you are using a good product or not. Eye cream next? Ridiculous! If you had my REBORN Skin Renewer, you would reapply it in the evening. It's 100% active and is the only moisturizer you need.

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