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Acne Problems

Dear E,

My daughter, 11, is preacneic and since unfortunately I don't know her genetic makeup since she was adopted, I do the best I can. I have made a definite difference since she is using only my products and I will tell you what Valentina has used for the past 2 years, ever since at 9 she developed too many white and blackheads, etc.

1. She only washes with tea tree oil soap.

2. She uses my soft grain scrub 2-4 times a week; just about two minutes circular motions and she rinses off; can even do it before she goes into shower so it's easy! The soft grain scrub contains both glycolic acid and papaya enzyme. The glycolic acid helps unglue the clogged pores deep down while the papaya is known to have a cleansing affect on the skin. It also contains corn meal and oat flour and soft, gentle grains that don't irritate sensitive or young skin and won't break capillaries with overuse. It's a very nice product and a large 4 ounce jar costs $35.

3. Valentina also uses my special clay mask at least once or twice a week; but only when she has a spectacular zits or it's a time when she gets oily or blemishes appear; this helps draw out the toxins and only stays on 3-5 minutes. It's ugly looking....looks like dog doo and smells like a "lube" job, but it works! Costs $18.

4. Valentina also makes use of my Blemish Stick. It's got salicylic acid, a known calmative to the skin (and in aspirin) and is transparent, so a young girl can carry it with her and dab on any outbreaks. This costs $18. Finally, About once a month I'll put a big of glycolic serum (my adult size product) on her t-zone where she tends to break out for a deeper cleansing.


Dear Judi;

I have been using Retin-A for several years for pimples. I wouldn't call my skin condition acne but I regularly broke-out about once a month until I started using Retin-A. How do I use Retin-A in conjunction with the moisturizer and sample glycolic treatment creme you enclosed? Or should I discontinue the Retin-A? I say this reluctantly because I don't relish the thought of getting pimples again.

I recently started using a topical C (from SelfCare). How do I use it with Reborn moisturizer and glycolic treatment creme? LL


Dear LL,

You're right; I should probably take out the description that REBORN has a blue tint, because it is so freshly made (and I still mix it by hand every two weeks here) that depending upon the crops from organic farms, the oils come in different shades and although there are still two azulene containing elements in the formula (which usually give it a blue tone) because the other 9 or 10 essential oils can diminish the blue look and while it's there you don't see it. Don't worry, every batch is filled with nutritious extracts of plants and flowers that will repair damaged tissue and renew elasticity!

As to Retin-A, to me it's a NO NO. Doctors don't bother to tell you, and the small print on the side effects are small enough that it's easy to miss that using this product makes you sensitive to the cancerous rays of the sun and that is ALL YEAR LONG. Don't think because you're applying it at night it can't affect your skin during the day. It can if you break out only once a month, that's hormonal! You can substitute my glycolic serum, which deep cleans clogged pores, etc. and yet doesn't make you sensitive to the elements, and especially the harmful rays of the sun. I also recommend my Soft Grain Scrub, which contains both papaya enzyme and glycolic acid to deep clean pores and keep them from getting clogged. You would use this in place of soap 2-4 times a week.

Finally, Self Care has big ads so you went for their topical C. It is only about 10% if that. My topical C's are 19% for $50 and my latest, which is non-oily and bona fide laboratory guaranteed 25% (and still non-irritating!) is well worth the $70. So when you're done with the present C, consider mine.

My suggestions:
1. Wash with tea tree oil or any 100% vegetable oil soap. (Did you see my new list of fabulous 100% olive oil soaps that come in everything from citrus aloe to unscented oatmeal?)
2. Apply your C product.
3. Follow with REBORN.

And, If you're over 40, as my directions tell you, repeat the REBORN in the evening, again, please, applying with eyedropper top! Hope this helps you!

Judi P.S.

My Blemish Stick with salicylic acid quickly diminishes pimples.

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