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Dear Judi;

I have rosacea and some brown discoloration from bleaching. What products would be safe to use with that combination? I currently use metrogel and moisturizers. Thanks.

D.S. From:
Sent: 24 November, 1998 11:00
Subject: Re: question

Dear D S,

Roscea has done very, very well with REBORN Skin Renewer, my essential oil moisturizer; just request it darker/bluer, which means it has more of the two essences that contain healing azulene substances. Roscea is a disease of the blood vessels and causes redness, etc. The pure blue in REBORN lessens the redness and controls and soothes the condition. I have one testimonial letter from a woman in London (an American living there) that says it definitely helped her condition. It will be sent along with your order.

As to brown spots, my glycolic treatment cream works best for this, and is not too harsh for roscea, unless you have an extreme condition or very sensitive skin. I also have a licorice based skin lightener, but this too works best in conjunction with applying the glycolic cream at least once a day.

Hope my answer helps you.

Best, Judi

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