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(Follow these instructions to slow down the aging clock!)


Hi, My name is Judi McMahon, and what I have to share with you is my 55 plus years of living and professional experience. I have healthy, young-looking skin, without any lines or creases in it – and that’s because I’ve practiced what I have long preached – and written about in my how-to books on skin care and beauty tips. Following is a summary of what is most important for you to learn and to use:

My Suggestions: First: Only wash your face with vegetable-oil based (preferably olive oil) soaps; do NOT use any soap with animal fat in it ( be it Dove or Ivory!). Forget about the billion dollar beauty industry hype pushing cleansers, toners, astringents. This is what makes companies rich – selling you three products when you only need one – a bar of good soap! Astringents and toners dry out the skin, creamy cleansers often contain alcohol and sodium laurel or laureth sulphates (which gives the cleanser sudsy qualities) but which is dangerous to your skin and body! Also – do not use any product with mineral oil in it (petroleum is also a name used or petrolatum) – do not even buy lip balms made with any mineral oil – because it acts as a BARRIER and prevents any vitamins like A and D from being absorbed into your system. You need these vitamins for your skin and bones. Shop at a local health shop (NOT GNC) who carry genuine health-foods and you’ll find safe lip balms, shampoos, etc. there.

Second: Avoid all commercial moisturizers – any that list WATER fist – or that contain either animal fats, lanolin, or mineral oil. If water is the first item then you’re paying for 90% water! Lanolin clogs the pores too.

MY ADVICE: Use the essential extracts of flowers, plants, herbs and roots that come from non-contaminated resources. Make certain that any products you purchase in the local health food shop are labeled GENUINE and AUTHENTIC oils or you are going to be wasting your money on the residue oils distillers sell cheaply to mass manufacturers. ALSO – BE AWARE that bath and body chain shops like THE BODY SHOP sell SYNTHETIC oils! Only pure essential oils will totally penetrate all the dermal layers of your skin to soften lines, rehydrate and prevent new ones from forming. By the way, essential oils actually act as an antiseptic and can protect your immune system.

WHAT I OFFER: My own custom-blended essential oils, under the registered trademark REBORN. REBORN “Skin Renewer” contains rosehip seed oil (as the carrier oil – truly unique!) – rosehip seed oil is the highest in gamma lineolic acid, an important factor in helping dry skin conditions. It also contains German and Roman chamomile, essences of organic azulene that will help psoriasis, excema and roseaca problems. Besides this my formula contains Helicrysum – a highly precious/expensive essential oil from the Everlast bush – which heals even deep bleeding wounds, plus many other remarkable organic agents that repair damaged tissue and renew elasticity. It is truly a unique product that reverses skin damage and is my biggest seller for the past 14 years – sold all over the world!

I also carry the highest concentration of alpha hydroxyl acids and topical Vitamin C products – for those who need an added boost to smooth out deeper lines, to help erase acne scars – and Anti-Aging Oxidants within my products to rebuild tired, maturing skin and stave off premature aging!!

All my products are safe and natural and are meant to make a real difference is protecting your skin. Most are ideal for men as well as women, like my SOFT GRAIN SCRUB that is a terrific deep-pore cleanser for both sexes, as well as my REBORN Skin Renewer, which men report makes their shaving easier! The Reborn Skin Care System of holistic products can be ordered by printing out my order form on my website, and mailing it with a check or money order addressed to Judi McMahon. Kindly mail with $8 s/h (up to $125) to Judi McMahon, 1072 West Gold Bar Place, Oro Valley, AZ. 85737. Or E-mail me at for further information and any help you need. I'm always available.

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