Skin Care Advice


Skin Care Regimen for Men


1. Either use Soft Grain Scrub (before you shower apply in circular motions; then rub around on face while showering, rinse) in place of soap in the morning, or wash with soap.

2. Shave; preferably with a non-sulfate shave cream.

3. Wait five minutes before apply glycolic serum. (see below re: using it at night instead if you have sensitive skin.)


You can wash your face again with the tea tree oil soap.

Once or twice weekly, apply the special clay mask for just 3-5 minutes to draw out impurities; rinse well with water.

Once or twice a week, you can apply the yolk of a raw egg as a "mask" -- allow it to remain on 10 minutes (preferably do this when you're in a prone position) and then rinse either with plain water, or use a rinse made of apple cider vinegar with water.

After your jogging, do wash your face again.

And as I already suggested, try to get the non-sulfate shampoo at your local health food store,

buy the Tom's of Maine shave cream, and get more tea tree oil soap.

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