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Smoke Damged Skin

Dear Judi;

I still smoke, but what else can I do for my skin? LJ


Dear LJ;

How old are you? Try to stop smoking! I smoked 3 packs a day and stopped in 1975 when they were only 50cents a pack; to pay $3.50 a pack for cancer and heart disease is nuts and they know more today about how bad it is. Believe me, I'm the addictive type, even have problems with overeating...but one day at a time you can stop. Meanwhile, as to the bags and wrinkles around your eyes, I recommend the following routine:

My glycolic treatment cream to smooth out the deeper lines anywhere on your face, followed by my REBORN Skin Moisturizer which repairs damaged tissue and renews the elasticity. It is a wonderful, truly revolutionary product, because it is 100% active, contains 11 different essential oils from organic farms and contains no water, mineral oil, animal fat, chemicals,'s the only moisturizer you should use. Then, I have a myrtle water spray that will TEMPORARILY alleviate puffiness around the eyes, but it's only temporary. I spray it into my eyes about six times a day; when I wake up my eyes usually feel dry and it is so refreshing.

A natural alternative is to take a raw potato, slice it and soak it in ice water, then cut it into two halves to fit your eyes, lie down and the potato starch will help draw out the excess water in the bags.

Chamomile tea bags also do the job too.

Finally, my Vitamin C face intensive, which is 25% in strength is an excellent antioxidant and if you can afford it, you would use it once a day to help dilute the effects of your smoking, the pollution in the environment, etc. Vitamin C is important for rebuilding cells!

I hope this answer has helped you and please, consider stopping smoking....take up another hobby! And there are so many patches, ways to stop today...

Best wishes,

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