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Dear Judi;

Please help me with some make-up advice. Thanks. VW


Dear VW,

First, how old are you and are you male or female? Can it be hormonal changes due to change of life as a female? A neck becoming oily sounds peculiar; I have never ever heard of this since there are virtually no sebaceous oil glands in the neck area. Are you certain it isn't a high blood pressure/sweat problem?

First, check with a physician on any problems since you say your hair is very oily and you are breaking out. And make certain it isn't just due to a good deal of stress.

After this, this is what I recommend:
1. STOP THE ALCOHOL. This is a foolish way to try to treat oiliness. Instead, wash your face 2-4 times a day with tea tree oil soap, 100% vegetable oil, and make sure you are using no soaps or cleansing agents that contain animal fat nor mineral oil nor sodium lauryl sulfate, which can cause clogged pores, rashes, breakouts, etc.
2. If you are a woman, I would recommend your purchasing Janet Sartin's DUAL PERFORMANCE TREATMENT MAKEUP (extra coverage). It looks like calamine lotion, but it is an excellent treatment makeup that will act like a blotter and sop up the oil while it will not clog your pores. Call the 1-800 #: 1-800-321-1779 Mon-Sat. 10-6 est and request this makeup be sent to you by charge, and ask them for a color close to your own skin tone. I am fair skinned and use a color called "suntan". Sartin's color descriptions aren't always what they sound like. If you're Italian or have tannish skin, order "beige". The operator will help you on the phone, and/or tell you where there is a Sartin store near you. (She is sold in Bloomingdale's on the east coast; be careful if you go to a saleswoman, she'll try to sell you everything in the Sartin line; MOST OF THE REST ARE NO GOOD, you only want the foundation. I've used it since 1979, know Janet Sartin personally; she's now retired and her son has taken over the business, and some of the new products are not good at all. The makeup will help your skin calm down and not be as oily.
3. Of my products, I would recommend my glycolic serum to also clean out the pores, and help your cells rebuild. You can use this product twice a day and it will definitely help you.
4. For breakouts, I have a Blemish Stick that is clear, contains salicylic acid (which calms the skin) and is good for blemishes and dries them up quickly.
5. You might also want my special clay mask, which draws out impurities and will definitely dry out the oil; you could use this 3-4 times a week.

Look at the products on my website, and if you decide to order, you can pay by check or money order.

Best of luck,

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