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Dear Judi;

What can I do to prevent skin cancer? MV

Dear MV,

I suggest you phone 1-415-459-3998, (Original Swiss Aromatics) in California, and ask for Monika Haas or Dr. Kurt or Carol and tell them I told you to call and for them to recommend both a holistic dermatologist and any other remedies they think will keep your sensitive skin protected.

I will have an SPF 15 product by month's end with antioxidants A&E in it, called REBORN SPF 15, that would be a good all day moisturizer. And don't forget that the topical C products I carry also give you protection against the elements.

But go to a doctor at least every six months to make sure there are no precancerous lesions anywhere, please!

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. And please review the material I sent you, especially my skin care philosophy which tells you to avoid all products containing sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil and animal fat, please!


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